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Sam Winchester
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[IC Information]
Character Name: Sam Winchester
Series: Supernatural
Gender: Male
Age: 26
Sexuality: Despite what fandom likes to think, Sam is a fan of the ladies, and only the ladies.

Species: uh well he's technically a human, although he has ingested demon blood which has kind of done wacky things to his inner workings. So he's like. 95% human, 5% demon. Or something like that.

Appearance: Sam is an incredibly tall young man with a somewhat lanky build, although he's filled out nicely due to workouts, and regular activity as a hunter. He's far from gangly, and fairly muscular. His skin is lightly tanned and very sparingly dotted with large freckles. His hair is a dark brown and very shaggy, typically falling just past his ears, and his eyes are a dark hazel, leaning more towards brown, and adept to his signature puppy look very well. He's got a big dopey smile, and his top teeth are a little uneven. The only tattoo he has is a mark on the left side of his chest, a symbol made to prevent a demon from possessing him. He's got several scars, as it's a hazard that comes with the job of being a hunter.

He likes to dress comfortably, mostly in earth tones, and he always wears shirts that look a little big for him, which downplay how good he looks without his shirt on by quite a lot. He'll wear big boots, and always has a weapon of some kind stashed somewhere on him.

Personality: Sam is defined by the life he's led. Growing up he was raised primarily by his brother, raised as a warrior, raised not to be afraid of the things that go bump in the night but to charge head on to them. And he hated it. He resented his father for never being there for Dean and him, and he resented the fact that he couldn't just be a normal kid. Growing up in that way shaped his decisions later in life, causing him to strike out on his own in an attempt to find a normal life. Sam strove for that normalcy, despite his life previous being so bizarre, and he was never able to escape it.

Eventually, he came to accept who he was, a Hunter, and a warrior. He embraced the idea of helping people, because he is an incredibly compassionate individual who finds it easy to relate to those having difficulties in their lives. Sam's sensitive nature often helps the brothers get where they need to be, because people are more liable to trust Sam with his gentle eyes and soft words than Dean who can be a little less than sympathetic on occasion.

Sam's personality took a turn for the darker when it was made known to him that he'd inherited demon abilities from an incident happening when he'd just been a baby, not at first, but when he learned of their origins it bothered him. It wasn't until Dean sacrificed himself in order to save Sam's life that Sam really started to sober, desperate to find a way to save the one person who meant more to him than anyone else. He was consistently hesitant to use the powers that were still in him despite the demise of Azazel (the demon who gave him his powers) but he slowly warmed to the idea throughout Dean's last year as he was provoked by a demon named Ruby, who claimed to be trying to help them. It was because of her that he considered killing a virgin girl to wipe out a surrounding onslaught of demons, and he overall tried to "be more like Dean" in his way of approaching the humanity of those possessed.

In the end, Sam was unable to save Dean, and being forced to watch his brother die, powerless to stop it, took its toll on him. It was hard for Sam, and his personality took a swing for the worse without Dean. In mourning for his brother he did a lot of things he would never have done with Dean still there looking over his shoulder, and he was angry, hurt, and alone. Ruby found him again and after initially blowing her off she started to train him how to use his abilities against the demons that had killed his brother, fueling his need for revenge. He began to mend from the pain of his brother's passing, having a drive and focus, and while he couldn't keep the overall optimistic outlook on life he'd previously had, he did start to recover his sense of humor.

When Dean returned from beyond the grave, things were initially fine, although Sam still feared for his brother, afraid his soul could be ripped away at any second. He continued training with Ruby in private, away from Dean, and did things he was ashamed of. He insisted to himself, and Dean when he found out, it was to save the world, and he came to genuinely believe that, up until it was too late to reverse what he had done.

Abilities: Sam has abilities granted to him by Azazel, and from the blood he's taken from Ruby. He has precognative dreams, telekinesis, and the ability to rip a demon from a possessed form and destroy it completely. He was previously only able to send a demon back to hell without Ruby's blood's influence. In Manhattan, his abilities would weaken considerably, and he'll be unable to banish demons to hell, if he focused hard he might be able to expel one from someone's body but there aren't any demons who do the possession thing in Manhattan so it's unlikely he'll need to attempt it, and it would probably give him a severe nosebleed if he tried. He'll have limited control over his telekinesis, probably floating spoons or if he was willing to risk aforementioned nosebleed something larger. As a whole, he probably won't be using his powers much, if at all.

Manhattanite or outsider? outsider

History: Sam Winchester was born on May 2nd, 1983 into what was outwardly an incredibly well-adjusted happy family. This calm only lasted so long, however, when six months to the day after Sam's birth the demon Azazel came calling, everything that would have been his future was completely changed. Mary had made a deal with the demon ten years before, not knowing what would have come from it, but desperate to safe John Winchester's life, she took the deal. It cost her her life, when she charged into Sam's nursery to see who had invaded her home. John was able to save Sam from the fire that Azazel caused when he killed Mary, but she was obviously lost.

From then on, Dean and Sam were raised by unorthodox means. John took them place to place, hunt after hunt, trying to find the demon that had killed Mary, to understand why his wife had been killed. Sam was constantly butting heads with his father growing up, always upset with the way he and Dean were being raised. When he was eighteen he'd had it, and he left his father, Dean, and the hunter life behind him when he left for Stanford University.

He finally had a chance at a normal life, and for a while, it was normal. He was a pre-law student, met a beautiful girl, and eventually moved in with her. Then one Halloween Dean showed up, saying their dad had gone missing. Sam reluctantly agreed to help Dean for one weekend in attempting to find their father.

They didn't succeed, but when Sam returned back to his apartment he shared with his girlfriend, Jessica, he found her dead, on the ceiling. Moments later she was engulfed in flames, in a way identical to how Mary Winchester had died.

Sam went with Dean after that, and the brothers traveled the road, trying to find their father, and trying to find the demon that had killed both Mary and Jessica. During this journey Sam discovered he had talents beyond normal, clairvoyance for the most part. They met others like him, with histories similar in some ways, differing in some others.

Eventually the brothers find their father again, and assist him in acquiring the Legendary Colt which was said to kill demons. With this they're prepared to take on the demon that killed Mary and Jessica, but things are complicated by the demon's daughter, Meg. John ends up in the Yellow-Eyed Demon's hands, while Sam and Dean deal with Meg. Exorcising the demon from the girl's body, the real Meg is able to tell the boys the location of the demon and their father before she dies.

Unable to kill the demon because he's possessed John's body, the boys attempt to fight him, before he eventually flees, and Sam, the least injured of the three rushes them to the hospital, but they're hit by an eighteen wheeler on the way. Sam is still relatively lucky, but he almost loses his brother, and he does lose his father.

Things are awkward between him and Dean for a while, for things Sam is uncertain about, but it turns out that John knew more about what had happened to Sam when he'd been a baby than he'd thought, and he'd warned Dean he might have to kill his own brother before he could do any harm to anyone.

Sam is at length led to a trial between the other "special children" that Azazel, and while he is initially killed by Jake, Dean makes a deal with a demon, trading his soul for Sam's life. The brothers then have to face Jake, who has helped Azazel open the gates of Hell. Sam manages to kill Jake, and Dean finally takes down Azazel, before the gates are closed. But Dean's deal still holds, and several demons and very bad things managed to leak out while the gates were open.

Over the next year, Sam tries any way he can think of to save Dean, including trusting a demon who said she could help. They keep coming up with dead ends, and Sam gets increasingly frustrated by Dean's casual attitude towards his approaching demise, until Dean finally admits he doesn't want to die. Shortly thereafter, Sam gets trapped in an infinite loop, in which he's forced to repeatedly live a specific day over and over, which always ends when Dean is killed in some horrible way or another. After way too many Tuesdays, and way too many deaths, Sam's nerves are frayed, but they finally realize it's a Trickster causing the problems, the same Trickster they'd thought they'd killed so long ago.

He agrees to release Sam from the loop, and a relieved Sam wakes up on Wednesday. Unfortunately, Dean is killed while going to load the car, but the day doesn't repeat. Sam, fueled by anger attempts to track the Trickster down, over several months, thinking of nothing but getting him to reverse Dean's death. He finds him, and begs him to fix it. And while initially the Trickster says he's trying to teach Sam a lesson, he does put him back to that Wednesday, and Sam is hit with how impossible it'll be for him to live without his brother.

Still, even with that drive it's not enough to save Dean, and after they manage to find out who the demon is who holds Dean's contract, and try to take her out with Ruby's (somewhat reluctant) help, Dean is still killed, and taken to Hell. Sam meanwhile discovers he's completely immune to Lilith's powers, which would be more of a comfort to him if he hadn't just watched his brother get ripped to death by hellhounds.

Sam buries Dean, and moves all over the country, attempting to find a demon that will deal with him, his brother's soul for his, but none are willing, and he takes down as many as he can in the process. Ruby eventually finds him again, after having spent time in Hell after Lilith banished her, and this time Sam doesn't reject her offer as to training him in his abilities to take Lilith out. He slowly learns how to exorcise demons using just his mind, and while he fails for the most part, after he falls into a trap set by Lilith and is almost killed, Ruby puts her life on the line to save him, and he's able to save her in return, finally using his ability properly. The pair continue to practice, strengthening his skills for the day when they can find Lilith again.

When Dean returns he finds Sam a lot more caustic than he left him, and while the brothers reunite and continue on business as they had once, the priority is finding who ripped Dean out of hell, and for what purpose. Sam stopped seeing Ruby for a time, although once they discovered the truth of Dean's resurrection, that he'd been dragged from hell by Angels, because a war was coming, he resumed his practice with Ruby. She trailed along behind them, and he would sneak out with her at night, while Dean slept, and he grew stronger and more powerful. Dean eventually discovered Sam was continually using his abilities and tried to get him to stop, and while he tried, he was too concerned that Dean was too soft to be the warrior that the Angels needed him to be, and that he'd be unable to stop the seals from being broken and Lucifer from rising.

He allowed himself to be influenced by Ruby, and she started giving him her blood, which enhanced his abilities, gave him better control, and overall sped the progression they were taking considerably. He became more aggressive as a result, darker, colder. Dean noticed, and after having a withdrawal from the blood when Ruby made herself unreachable, he couldn't stop himself and fed on a woman who had been possessed, while he and Dean were trying to help.

Dean and Bobby locked Sam up in Bobby's fortified silo, and Sam experienced several hours of rather painful detox, hallucinations, and spastic fits. He had almost come off it when the door mysteriously opened, while Dean and Bobby were sleeping, and he was able to escape and track down Ruby. They heard that Lilith was about to break the final seal, and while Sam had disappeared and estranged himself for his brother, he still felt he had to do this in his place. So he and Ruby captured a demon, and drove to where Lilith was supposedly preparing the ritual. In order to have enough power to kill a demon of Lilith's standing, (she was the first soul that Lucifer corrupted, and was thus his first daughter, most powerful next to Him himself) he had no choice but to drain the woman they had captured and the demon possessing her, drinking all her blood.

He then went to confront Lilith, and while he was initially interrupted by Dean arriving and attempting to break into the room (which Ruby had locked, unbeknownst to him), Ruby goaded him on, and he ultimately killed Lilith, thus unknowingly unleashing the final seal, and setting Lucifer free. Before the world was awash in white, Sam and Dean killed Ruby, a last minute 'fuck you' to her for causing the rift between them and manipulating Sam into where he now stood.

this is an RP journal for the role-playing game daisychainrpg. No copyright infringement is intended, I am not under the delusion I am Sam Winchester.